0312: “Baby, I’m Bad Weather” by Toussaint Morrison

You have almost certainly heard this song. You have heard this song without knowing it. When you play this song, for the first twenty seconds you will probably say to yourself, “I have not heard this song before.” But trust me, you have heard it. After twenty seconds there is a guitar riff, and then you will say to yourself, “Wait, I have heard this song before.” I told you.

It’s always a little weird hearing the full version of the song that a company or a T.V. show uses—the small, twenty second clip in their advertisements is its existence. I had heard “Corona” long before it was used on Jackass but I always wondered what the full song was like for people who only knew it as an intro to a show. Garnier had a successful commercial campaign years ago that used “Diamonds and Guns” by The Transplants, the clip of which successfully hides the fact that it comes from a punk/rap group fronted by the former lead singer of Rancid. I didn’t see that coming either.

What’s crazy about Toussaint Morrison’s “Baby, I’m Bad Weather” is that the clip that Esurance uses for their ads hide the song’s stomping nature. This song can make you move. Morrison’s vocals have energy to them, enough to make him immune from some lyrics that would be seen as outright corny in others’ hands. This is a really catchy song; a song whose catchiness and airiness is perfect for the summer. It’s a fun song that deserves to be wholly listened to instead of relegated to a segment on a radio or TV ad. You’ve almost certainly heard this song. Now listen to it.

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