0306: “Everyday” by Diane Coffee

Diane Coffee is the brainchild/altar ego of Shaun Fleming, a former voice actor for Disney and a drummer for the indie band Foxygen. As Diane Coffee he plays, coyly and adeptly, a glam-ish persona with a sweet spot for ’60s pop and ’70s blue-eyed soul bargain bin records. On “Everyday” his voice actor chops are on display as he shifts from sounding like a normal female singer to duck-faced crooner to a little like Melissa Etheridge, backed by a higher-pitched bubblegum chorus. None of this makes sense on paper, especially when you factor in that the music is like a mix of adult contemporary, mellow blues, and a layered Brill Building reimagining. As one would probably expect reading all of this, the track builds towards a crescendo and in my opinion it delivers in spades. This is one of those songs that somewhat defies explanation and simply needs to be heard. Coffee’s vocals are elastic in a sense that might confuse some and the choruses are loud and the crescendo even louder, but damn if it all doesn’t make absolute sense if it connects with you. This is a track that yearns to be blared out of a convertible or a jukebox. “Everyday” is what you get when someone just goes for it and throws the kitchen sink in there and acts like that was the totally normal thing to do all along. The buildup before the 03:00 mark is just something to behold, topped off with saloon style piano playing because why not?

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