0108: “New Dorp. New York.” by SBTRKT

SBTRKT (customized shorthand for “subtract”) is the brainchild of Aaron Jerome, a British musician/DJ/producer who prizes anonymity so much that not only is his persona named after the removal of a value but he also publicly wears face-covering native art masks when performing live. He very much subscribes to the notion that his music should literally speak for him. You will probably hear his name in the States in the next couple or few years as he regularly collaborates with Sampha, the producer who works with Drake, amongst other artists. On “New Dorp. New York.” SBTRKT works with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend. Koenig sings about New York City with a playful falsetto throughout most of the song, matched up with music that at times has tribal influences, ’80s funk and hip hop bass and beats, and interludes of a kind that convey the sounds of a big city. It all makes for a fun track to listen to—a track in which Koenig gets to show his admiration for Drake, teamed with a guy who can make it sound unique and really fresh. This track was an overlooked gem of 2014.

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