0106: “Question” by Old 97’s

She’d had no idea
Started to cry
She said in a good way

“Question” is the kind of song that is tailor-made for a soundtrack, to the point that if the first time you heard it was on a TV show or movie or commercial you might wonder how it was never in more TV shows or movies or commercials previously. If the first time you heard it was solely through a pair of headphones or speakers, it is a beautiful little nugget of a song (it’s not even two and a half minutes long) that can easily evoke a scene for which it would be used in a soundtrack. “Someday somebody’s gonna ask you/A question that you should say ‘yes’ to/Once in your life/Maybe tonight/I’ve got a question for you” is the chorus and, combined with the upbeat acoustic guitar strumming, “Question” is a marvel of alt-country pop concision. The short track time doesn’t lend itself to being ephemeral, but rather a realistic portrayal of how love works: there is no time to be wasted when she’s the one and you have to ask her something.

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