0102: “Boogaloo del Perro” by Los Destellos

From what I can tell Los Destellos was a Peruvian group whose style of music was a mix of cumbia (a style of music that is very popular in the Andean region that has its roots as a courtship dance), descarga (a term that describes a jam session of Cuban style music; the word means “discharge” in Spanish), and as the track title references, boogaloo (a genre of Latin music that succeeded bossa nova and intertwined itself with Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and African Americans in the ’60s in New York City), but to me “Boogaloo del Perro” simply sounds like straight-up Latin American psychedelia. It sounds like walking down the streets of pre-Castro Cuba except that Jerry Garcia and Fifth Generation era Byrds commandeered the local band that was supposed to be playing the soundtrack to it. The track, which is an instrumental, starts out with some wah-wah riffs but then shifts quickly into a Cuban/Latin American sound. But then the lead guitar kicks in and then it becomes a solo for a while filled with flamenco style picking and wah-wah effects. It’s loud and energetic. It downshifts to a more mellow sound in the middle before looping back to the beginning sound. If you were looking for an introduction to Latin American psychedelic music (and when isn’t a good time for an intro to Latin American psychedelic music?), this is a fantastic place to start. A top shelf track that sounds distinctly international but also has a touch of late ’60s American garage band as well.

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